Montreal Biosphere

Jean-Drapeau Park,
St. Helen's Island

September 8, 2001

Today Montreal is breaking all time temperature records for the third day in a row. For 9 days, the heat wave has been making the mercury climb over 30 degrees Celsius.

What should you do to beat the heat? Drink liquids (water is better than alcohol), eat fruit and vegetables, choose fish instead meat... and head to St. Helen's Island to visit The Biosphere.

With the Casino, it's the only Expo 67 pavilion still in public use. It's an Environment Canada museum filled with education and fun.

It's Fun and Educational

It's really amazing to discover all about climates, water, the St. Lawrence River, explanations for past disasters caused by storms, floods or other unusual weather changes.

Movies and expert-led discussions provide for an interesting learning adventure while others will prefer to practice their TV announcer skills with Meteomedia style equipment.

What you don't expect though in a museum is a spa! Yes, a nice size square foot bath where over a dozen people can pamper their feet at the same time and talk... towels are supplied.

Talk About Views!

Another great aspect of the Montreal Biosphere is the indescribable view you get from all sides and from 2 different upper floors with free binoculars, for both adults and children.

The Montreal Biosphere is a great family destination, in summer or winter.

How to get to the Montreal Biosphere

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